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Reduce human bias and safe 30 percent in costs, time and animals.
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Data is the fundament for science. We focus on bringing objectivity to the translational science environment.

Our approach is to digitalize the existing manual environment of today. Reduce the human bias and leverage animal welfare.





Installing cameras around existing home-cages and establish an remote observation system. Connect to the existing IT environment – to see what is happen inside the existing home cages from outside the laboratory, from everywhere – even from home.

Since the 1990’s scientist and the industry are working on such solutions, but no system, using home-cages, scalable with industrial grade was available.

As fundament, we developed an own camera and light system. Our aim: Standardized and simple to mount and service.
Retrofittable because the existing globally installed base of home cage systems within animal facilities is large.
Scaleability is important, because for experiments you need a larger number of home cages.

The outcome is the:

iMouse Solution

A standardized camera solution as observation unit, with advanced night light functionality, paired with standardized, scalable processing hardware, an open-source software hub transformed to a platform and a simple and transparent sales modell. On top of that, we are working with our science community on the establishment of an AI system.

We reduces the human bias, this leads to a significant reduction of animals, costs and time by 30% and finally leads to more objective and reproduceable results.

iMouse delivers more and more precise data without the human factor at the active time of the rodents…this is what drives the iMouse team every day!

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