The pricing model consists of two parts:

One time cost for IT Integration.

Monthly costs for system usage.

 The iMouse system is developed with scientists – to support scientist’s, rise animal welfare and to enable objectivity in data generation.

Our system enables digitalization in animal laboratories within traditional home cages and vivariums.

We offer a standardized iMouse retrofit observation system for ventilated home cages and open home cages with adapters to fit existing racks from Techniplast, Allentown and Zoonlab.

Pricing starts with a one time IT integration and installation fee to integrate the iMouse solution within customers environment. Then, we charge a monthly subscription fee per DigiFrame.

The iMouseHub software functionality is constantly under customer centric development to deliver the functionality our customers are expecting.

The AI system functionality is an add on with several functionalities under continuous optimization to meet customer requirements.  

After six months system subscription, the ownership of the DigiFrame hardware is going over to the  customer.

A switch to a subscription model is after 6 months possible. 

Further solutions, also for rats and other rodents on request.

Get in touch with us for a tailored offer!