Field Installations

We transform existing home-cage solutions

to Digital Home-Cage Monitoring

Systems via retrofit

By using standard observation modules (cameras) and specific adapters for the market leading home-cage suppliers, we have a solution for nearly all requirements working with cages, installed in Racks. Open or Ventilated.

Field Installation Map

Installation examples

Standardized Observation Units: Own IP and Development, incl. IR filter for 24/7 recording

The standardized Compute Unit for pre-processing, comes with a magnetic cover for easy maintenance.

Observation Units easy to adjust: Simple change of observation area and focus.

IR Light mounted over the filter element: for invisible and diffuse light.

Observation Units using standardized MicroHDMI connector.

Plug & play to ease: installation, service and maintenance.

Adapters for major Home-cage vendors available: Easy transformation to DHC.

The iMouse system enables our scientists to monitor experiments remotely for the first time.

Digital data are recorded directly in the home cage and can be shared and processed afterwards. This ensures a holistic monitoring/observation and allows transparency within the research and results become visible, which were not visible due to the previous low observation density.

Ursula Müller

Stellvertretende Leitung Tierhaltung, Leibniz Institut für Virologie (LIV)

We build tailored solutions for your unique needs.